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Recruits eye empty cyber jobs skeptically

By Eric Geller and Tim Starks


“The lack of top officials makes it harder for DHS to maintain its tenuous bonds with the private sector and other civilian agencies, where trust is a delicate thing, said Gregory Michaelidis, who served as senior adviser to the NPPD undersecretary until last month. In recent years, legislation has passed giving DHS greater power to swap hacking threats with the private sector and work with other government agencies to bolster their network protections.”



Top security experts discuss how to rally nation against hacking

San Diego Union-Tribune

Carl Prine

February 9, 2017

“The nature of the threats and the technology are evolving so quickly that we’re still overwhelmingly focused on the technological side, of trying to get the owners and operators of infrastructure to do the basic things that they need to do,” said Gregory Michaelidis, a close aide to former Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and senior public affairs director in the agency’s National Protection and Programs Directorate during the Obama administration.

“But we’re going to need to start getting ordinary people involved,” he said. “We can’t just expect the public to wait in the wings for security to get to them. We started to see that at the end of the Obama administration, of attempts at nudging them … to change behaviors to help cybersecurity.”